World of Warcraft Update: Turn In-Game Gold Into Real Life Blizzard Currency

Rich players in "World of Warcraft" can now exchange their extra gold for real currency. They can buy other Blizzard products like loot boxes or even an entire game.

Back in 2015, Blizzard introduced the Token system for players to buy in-game gold with real money or extended subscriptions using gold. Now, the studio has included another option for players to make use of the system, as per GameSpot. Tokens can still be used for an extra 30 days of game time but can now also be converted into real money.

Get Real Money From Gold in "World of Warcraft"

However, the main condition is that players can only buy Blizzard products as the real money is just balance. Despite this, fans still have an assortment of things to choose from including items like loot boxes or characters/skins from games like "Overwatch" and "Heroes of the Storm." Furthermore, if players manage to exchange enough Tokens, they can even buy a full game.

In spite of this, players should not be converting their money into Tokens for the sake of turning them into currency. Instead, this feature benefits players who have amassed enough gold to exchange them for Tokens. Although, it is worth noting that the exchange rate from gold to Tokens rose from 57.728 to 63.647.

Moreover, VentureBeat reports that players might have a tough time looking for Tokens in the auction. Those who want to make the most out of the system should start exchanging their gold as soon as possible. For the finer details, Blizzard has released a video describing the entire process.

For those who have enough gold and are interested in trying other Blizzard games or content, they can start exchanging their gold now. On the other hand, players can still earn a lot of gold from exchanging Tokens in-game. Those who want to try "World of Warcraft" can play the game on PC.

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