Rival Bacteria Killed By Bacteria To Be More Effective

Bacteria, like all other living things, have rivals as well. Competition is one of the aspects of nature. Rival bacteria are killed by bacteria to be more effective.

Effectiveness of a group can be enhanced if competition is limited. That has been in nature for a long time. Bacteria are no different. A study has seen that bacteria would be more effective as a group if it can kill off rival bacteria.

Bacteria kill rivals by injecting them with toxins. Bacteria do this to cells when infecting hosts. Typically as well there are rival bacteria that could join in. For a successful invasion, bacteria will have to dispatch its rivals. Rivals can take on nutrients and others that are vital for the survival of a group.

To understand on how this works, researchers have created mathematical models of cholera bacteria. Through the models, researchers have seen how bacteria can organize themselves as a group. This is to become more successful in invading hosts as well as to fight off any rival bacteria group.

Actions done by one group of bacteria would not have any effect on bacteria that is genetically the same with it. However, bacteria that is different would be affected, according to the University of Edinburgh's site. In this way, bacteria can have an environment where they can work with one another.

The observation on bacteria can be applied on inanimate objects such as magnetic particles, as Science Daily notes. Dr. Luke McNally, who is from the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences and lead author of the study, has said that bacteria practice some sort of tribalism. Bacteria are shown to fight against those that might not be like it, even if they are bacteria as well.

The survival of a group is dependent on how closely it works. This is true for many living organisms. Even bacteria do this. Rival bacteria are killed by bacteria to be more effective. A study shows that faster bacteria detection can help patients live longer.

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