BlackBerry Ties Up With India's Optiemus: New Android BBs Coming To The Country

BlackBerry's new business tactic is no longer a secret in the industry. As what most tech enthusiasts may have noticed, the company behind the iconic QWERTY smartphones is now busy making deals with different companies around the world to make sure that the BlackBerry brand and the company's software services continue to be sold globally. It's worth noting that BlackBerry has already said bye to the mobile-making industry but the BlackBerry brand is still rightfully allowed to be sold worldwide. With that, the company ties up with different companies such as TCL, PT BB Merah Putih and the most recent, Optiemus, to ensure good business for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Adds Optiemus To Its List Of Partner Companies

As per Android Authority, BlackBerry has announced its partnership with Optiemus. This means that the Indian company will now be able to manufacture and sell Android BB phones in the said country. On top of Optiemus' direct market that is India, the company will also be selling its BlackBerry phones to additional countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The specificity regarding the financial part of the agreement between BlackBerry and Optiemus was not disclosed and there is still no word as to when the first batch of Optiemus BlackBerry phones will be launched. Nevertheless, fans can expect more information in the coming months. As per Tech Radar, this partnership began a few months back when Optiemus helped BlackBerry in distributing the DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones.

BlackBerry Brand Licensed Owners

Optiemus now has the licensing rights to sell BlackBerry phones in India and in the above-mentioned countries. TCL, on the other hand, is the company that has the right to sell BlackBerry devices to the other markets with one exception that is Indonesia where BlackBerry has allowed PT BB Merah Putih to do this duty. Two BlackBerry smartphones are expected to be released in the near future. One of which is the BlackBerry Mercury by TCL that's anticipated to launch this month and the other one is the currently dubbed BBC100-1 that is expected to come from Indonesia.

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