'Jane The Virgin' Season 3, Episode 11 Spoilers: Jane's Life Three Years After Michael’s Death

Michael is dead. Some fans might find it hard to believe but Michael (Brett Dier) died on "Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 10. The last minutes of the episode also showed a scene three years later with Jane getting ready for a mysterious wedding. Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman gave some insight on what will happen on "Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 11.

The seemingly blissful moments turned into grief for Jane in "Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 10. Michael's death has been hinted throughout the episode. Monday's episode featured Michael's death due to an aortic dissection by his gunshot wound shortly after taking the LSAT.

"Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 11 will pick up to the timeline three years after Michael's death with Jane attending to somebody's wedding. Who? There isn't a clue. The official synopsis for episode 11 via Spoiler TV reveals Jane working in a publishing company, however, it looks like his work will not be what she imagined it would be.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Urman gave some hints on how Michael's death and the three-year time jump will impact Jane's character. She described that Jane would be more mature, more self-reliant and less naïve. She added that the pain and loss will be incorporated in her persona.

Asked about the possibility of Bret coming back, Urman said he absolutely will. But that is, through flashbacks of scenes which happened before Michael's death. She also said that everything will change after the time jump. There will also be some flashbacks on how the three years without Micheal went.

"You see everything that's changed in the three years and you still feel the warmth of Jane and Michael so I'm excited for people to see that and to also see how it opens up our stories and our storytelling," Urman said. "The episode that comes after this one (episode 11) is one of my favorite episodes we've ever done,".

Meanwhile, the official synopsis for "Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 11 also revealed Petra will decide to rebrand the hotel, however, she would have a competition with a rival hotel next door. Jane and Rafael will try to find out a solution for Mateo's behavioral issues. While Rogelio and Darci will have a new arrangement which would impact his relationship with Xo.

"Jane the Virgin" season 3, episode 11 titled "Fixing the Problem" will air on Monday, Feb. 13 on The CW.

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