Three Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Is The New Bill Gates

Is Mark Zuckerberg trying to outdo Bill Gates?
Along with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates is probably the most important figure in tech history. On his part, Mark Zuckerberg is the most important member of Silicon Valley, and his power could increase in midterm.
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Mark Zuckerberg is probably the most important tech figure right now, being Facebook´s CEO and Silicon Valley main member, two major positions that showed how this young man have so much similarities with the person he admired when he was a kid: Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Although he wasn't on the same field within the tech business as Zuckerberg, there are reasons to believe that the big boss of the most important media network, has become the new Bill Gates. 

A Young Tech Billionaire With A Lot Of Influence

Although this might be a little bit predictable, one of the biggest parallelisms between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg is the way in which Facebook´s CEO has become one of the richest tech figures in the world being so young, which is something that not even other legendary tech leaders like Steve Jobs reached,

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg is already at a really high position among the richest people on earth, alongside really wealthy figures as Carlos Slim or even Amancio Ortega. Naturally, Bill Gates´ position was even higher when he was at this point, but right now there´s no other tech figure that has so much economic power as Zuckerberg, considering that his social media network is the most popular in the world.

Actually, it can be said that Zuckerberg can have more credit on this one, considering that Facebook is more competitive than Microsoft when it became the major company in the tech business. Getting to this point, there´s another huge similarity between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates that probably no one likes.

Both Tech Honchos Are Extremely Aggressive Against The Competition

Let´s face it, once you´re on the top the most difficult situation, you have to stay stronger considering that just what naturally happens in the monarchy, when someone reaches the highest position, there´s always another person or another group that wants to take it. Naturally, this is something that clearly happens in the tech business, which is the reason why the most important companies tend to take different kinds of measures to beat its competition, even if it looks quite unethical.

Naturally, there are cases in which this thing gets so far that far from wanting to be the biggest player among many competitors, major companies sometimes doesn't want to share the market and try to create a monopoly, avoiding the existence of the competition. Of course, this is something quite ugly, and Bill Gates was known for not caring too much about it, gaining a lot of criticism for doing whatever he could to eliminate Microsoft´s competitors.

Even when is not the same case and we live in different times, Mark Zuckerberg´s position against the competition is extremely similar, considering that if he sees a company that can represent a huge threat, he just buy it, or sabotage it by cloning its best features, as he have done plenty of times with Instagram.

Bill Gates And Mark Zuckerberg Have Their Own Charity Foundations

If we just pointed out that one of the biggest similarities between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg is the fact that both became tech billionaires at a really young age for this kind of achievement, another even more incredible is that just as Microsoft founder, the Facebook´s CEO also have his own charity foundation, which is called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, because just as Gates, his wife is also in the equation.

However, the main difference between both tech leaders in this particular aspect is that Mark Zuckerberg has shown his more ambitious side, and not exactly with the charity foundation. Let´s put it like this: when Bill Gates decided to focus more on his philanthropic activities he decided to quit Microsoft, while in Zuckerberg´s case, he is actually capable of making efforts to focus more on his foundation, without losing any kind of power on his social media network.

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