Avoid Weight Gain, Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

A collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Umea University's Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine revealed that public health strategies to prevent weight gain is highly beneficial in preventing type 2 diabetes. This was discovered after more than 33,000 people underwent a research program for obese people with very high risks of diabetes. The result further added that the adult population is most likely to benefit from losing weight to prevent the said disease.

The study aims to formulate results to give people who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes the right ways and means to avoid the disease. Furthermore, the said research focuses on people who are obese (or those whose body mass index weighs in at over 30 kg/m2), whose blood glucose is higher than usual. Though some evidence show that there are programs that have been proven effective, the target persons of the study still have limited potentials in terms of prevalence of diabetes. Furthermore, lesser evidence is obtained with regards to the impact of moderate weight loss and maintenance in adults. 

There is less evidence concerning the impact of moderate weight loss or weight maintenance in adults across the whole population on the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. This study sought to determine the potential to reduce the occurrence of diabetes of strategies that aim to shift the distribution of body weight in the whole population.

According to Eurekart, the proponents of the study analyzed data obtained from 33,184 people. The participants of the test are between 30 to 60 years. They attended two health examinations which were conducted ten years apart between 1990 and 2013. Thus, they were able to decipher the connection between change in body weight between baseline and 10 year follow-up, plus the occurrence of newly diagnosed diabetes at 10 year follow-up. 

Diabetes.org defines diabetes as an internal health problem that causes the blood glucose (sugar) levels to rise higher than normal. This is mainly attributed as hyperglycemia. According to health experts, among all types of diabetes, Type 2 is said to be the most common form.

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