Nuclear Fusion Core Foundation of Clean Energy

Nuclear fusion is the basic element of clean energy. This was according to Saurav Rungta, an Indian Technology Enthusiast. He also said that nuclear fusion is not a new concept to mankind.

According to Rungta, mankind has been long aware that fusion energy serves as the source of life that keeps the sun and other stars burning. Yet, he also added that people still cannot define what exactly fusion energy is, and how it differs from other energy sources.

When it comes to technological relevance, Rungta said that it is important for laymen to understand nuclear fusion because it will be a core matter when it comes to the need for multiple energy sources evolving with the growth of humanity who consumes it. He also said that mankind is still reliant on fossil fuels, but he also said that we are slowly averting from using it because of the adverse effects in our natural resources.

Rungta also wrote in Steemit that since mankind has exhausted environmental resources, they are not limited. Thus, he pointed out that the continuity of future supply might be in jeopardy. This, according to Rungta, has become the main reason why people are looking for other sources of energy like geothermal, wind, water and solar. However, nuclear fusion seems to be the answer to our search for renewable energy.

According to Know Nuclear, nuclear fusion is easily done on Earth when two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, are put together. Being the lightest of all elements, hydrogen is composed of single proton and electron. On the other hand, Deuterium, known as “heavy water”, contains an extra neutron in its nucleus, while Tritium has two extra neutrons, which makes it three times as heavy as hydrogen. A study published that renewable energy will soon replace fossil fuel.

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