'Blade Runner 2049' One Of The Most Awaited Movie In 2017

Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 future-noir classic. Director Denis Villanueva is a French Canadian film director and writer. His new project of a science fiction movie has made the fans restless.

Lennie James talks about the secrecy level of "Blade Runner 2049". He is used to it since he worked with AMC for a very long time. Lennie James is a "The Walking Dead" star. He admitted that this is nothing when it comes to Villanueva's movie. He said the production team gave him 36 hours to read the script and then decide whether he is in or not. In an interview, he said the script was on an app thing and there is only one device where you can open it.

The Greek Meltdown - "Batista" And Kurt Russel

David Bautista or known as his Wrestling name, Batista, has been getting a lot more attention now after he starred in James Gunn's "Guardian of the Galaxy". He revealed that he had a geek meltdown, when he met Kurt Russell. He even fanboys along with Ryan Gosling.

When Batista was asked about his meeting with Kurt Russell in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ he answered that he didn’t want to hit him with the fanboy questions. But when he got comfortable with Kurt Russell, he did. Batista also admitted that he felt the "Ryan Gosling Effect" more than anything. He also said good things about his co-stars. Bautista revealed that he thinks the movie will be a huge one. Because people has been waiting for 30 years for a sequel to blade runner. According to the University Herald, this would be one of Batista’s favorite roles."Blade Runner 2049" will premiere on October 7.

Blade Runner Fan Film By Croatian Filmmakers

While waiting, a group of Croatian filmmakers is making a Blade Runner fan film. It won’t arrive in theaters until the fall, but fans are already excited about an action-filled science fiction movie. Luka Hrgović, along with cinematographer/producer Dino Julius, star/screenwriter Anton Svetić, and actors Ivica “Dragonrage” Pustički and Emilija Habulin, have just released the debut trailer.

The director said in an interview that the story will be about a low-life drug dealer that will turn his life around. According to The Verge, the debut trailer was released in order to initiate a kickstarter campaign to raise the remaining $30,000. The team says that the fan made Blade Runner 2049 would be about 25 minutes long, they used some old-school movie techniques.

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