Gears of War 4 Update Reveals New Maps, Gameplay and Gear Packs as Fans Gear up for Valentine's Day Event

Gears of War 4 fans are in for a special surprise this month. Just today, the February update for the fan-favorite game has been released and Microsoft Studios isn't holding back on their generosity. Not only are there new gear packs and game play changes, Gears of War is going to have 2 additional maps. If that isn't enough, a Valentine's Day event is slated towards the end of the week.

A guide to the map released by Gamespot reveals that the first new map is called the Impact Dark. The name itself should give gamers a hint of what it's about. It's a darker or night-version of the Impact map. However, if Gear of War 4 fans think it's not that much of a change, they might need to rethink that. The Impact Dark has reduced visibility because of the smoke that's surrounding the arena.Furthermore, Microsoft said, "Support players will need to take bigger risks to impact fights and reduced visibility will make reading the battlefield tougher."

War Machine is the title of the 2nd map, which pays a tribute to the original Gears of War gameplay. But, it's no longer the abandoned railway. Gears of War 4 switches to a new COG settlement, where players can interact with other people within the area.

The Impact Dark and War Machine maps are only available, however, to Gears of War players who have the season pass and have exclusive access to the Developer's Playlist. This will be made available to others on a later date.

On the gameplay changes, the producers added a new "leader spawn", where other players can help their leader whenever necessary. This adds a touch to team strategies, where leaders can make utilize it on the best areas of the maps. Meanwhile, Gears of War 4's Valentine's Day event is expected to begin on February 10 with a promise of additional gear packs, special bounties inspired by the day, and the return of Torque Bow Tag with a "Cupid Style twist", according to Microsoft.

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