NBA 2K17 Guide: Top 3 Tips And Tricks To Become The Best Lockdown Defender

Defense has proven to be a very important aspect to remember when playing basketball. However, that is not solely confined to the actual sport alone, for that principle can also be applied when playing NBA 2K17.

There are a lot of gamers out there who love raining down threes, giving in angle-breaker dribblers, and throwing down LeBron-like dunks. But the truth is that there are only a few people who play good defense. Here are some of the best tips that will help players become a better lockdown defender when playing NBA 2K17:

Getting to Know Your Guy

Players need to know the area of mastery of one's opponent. For example, if one is guarding Stephen Curry who is good at making three's, what one should do is to force him to not make a three. Instead, let him do a drive because he's not too good with that.

On the other hand, if the player is guarding someone who is like Derrick Rose, then he or she should do it the other way. Rose is not a good three-pointer, but he knows how to drive the ball fast. Do the vice versa, and force him to settle for a three instead.

Lessen the Use of Turbo

It is acceptable to go on turbo if one is still way off the half-court line. However, it is not recommended that players should do this when they're in the "play proper".

According to Mic, the ability to make agile movements around players is disabled when one goes in a turbo. This is because the area around is just too small. To effectively slide through defenders, players need to be near the defenders.

Never Prioritize Swat Blocks

It is indeed a good feeling when one gets to swat the ball off someone when they take a shot. However, according to Real Sport 101, players should never abuse this ability because the chance that they're going to swat it off bounds is lesser, compared to just contesting the ball.

Just press the triangle button or the Y button to defend calmly. With these reminders tucked in the players' sleeves, they'll surely be a better lockdown defender in NBA 2K17. Well, they can also apply it in a real-life situation if they want to.

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