Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips And Tricks: How To Catch Ultra Beasts The Easy Way

Pokemon Sun and Moon players who want to capture the all-time favorite Ultra Beasts are surely in for some good times, as it is fairly easy to get them. Looker, the international police officer is the one who initiates the look-out for these precious beasts.

Looker directs players to investigate the Ultra Beasts that are spread throughout the game's map. What players then need to do is to go to the motel. Players are going to meet him there, and he will give them the missions. Here are the usual places where players can locate the Ultra Beasts in the game, as what Eurogamer reports:


Nihilego is a Rock and Poison type of Pokemon. He is the first Ultra Beast that players are going to capture.

Players can easily spot Nihilego inside the Diglett's Tunnel. Sometimes, they are also seen hiding their way around the small crevices and corners in Akala Island, specifically in the Wela Volcano. They're usually spotted laying down on grassy field.


Players are required to capture four Phermosa Ultra Beasts to move on in the game's levels. These are usually found in the island of Melemele. Try heading to the Verdant Cave first, as they're usually found there.


This Pokemon is a sword-based type. Compared to the other Ultra Beasts, this is much harder to find as they are exclusively featured in the Sun version. If one is playing the Moon version, then they'll surely have no luck finding one.


Celesteela is also a difficult Ultra Beast to find, as there are only two of these found in the Moon version. Players can find these Ultra Beasts in Ula'ula Island, specifically in the Haina Desert. Sometimes, players can also find them in Malie Garden.


According to Mic, Guzzlord is the last Ultra Beast that players can catch. Try heading to the Resolution Cave in Poni Island.

Players can find one lonesome Guzzlord there. Now that the places where players can find these Ultra Beasts are unveiled, everyone will surely have more fun in playing the game. Everyone indeed needs to catch 'em all.

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