‘Veep' Season 6: Released Date Confirmed Thanks To Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The hit comedy TV series from HBO has been confirmed to be renewed for Season 6. "Veep" is a political satire show led by one of the most iconic TV series actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

‘Veep’ Is Dominating TV Series Awards

“Veep” is a refreshing series that everyone can relate to. HBO took another way in creating a hit series instead of following the trend that the industry has right now. Superheroes, mythical creatures, and zombies are spearheading the television series but “Veep” stands out as one of their own. Having Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the show automatically elevated "Veep" to where it is right now. Their first five seasons were epic, to say the least.

‘Veep’ Five Seasons Strong

Nobody expected "Veep" to be as good as it is today. They are already cited as among the top 100 TV series of all time. They have numerous awards to back up that claim. Five years in a row, they were nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series(Emmy Awards) and winning it the past two years. Their third and fourth season also garnered the Writers Guild of America Award. But none of these awards are bigger compared to what Julia Louis-Dreyfus was able to achieve. The former star of “Seinfeld” was able to bag multiple Emmy Awards for five straight years, while others are having problems just getting one.

‘Veep’ Season 6: Airdate Confirmed

President Selina Meyer's(Julia Louis-Dreyfus) term in the office is already over. Legions of fans want to know what will happen to the main character. As seen in the previous episode, former president Selina Meyer is seen listening to the newly elected president, Sen. Laura Montez. Fans are intrigued on how will former President Meyer will act. Thankfully, Season 6 was confirmed by Louis-Dreyfus and even announced that the upcoming installment of “Veep” will be on April 16, 2017, at 10:30 PM.

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