'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Getting A New Super Saiyan Form? Creator Talks About Goku's Portrayed Heroism

By Dan Niel , Feb 08, 2017 03:48 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" finally entered a new arc on Sunday. The "Universe Survival Saga" arc features Goku in a serious battle against the best warriors from the different universe with the life of his family, friends and all people on Earth, actually the entire universe, on the line. There are some speculations that Goku is getting a new form of Super Saiyan.

The speculations rooted from a scene in the new "Dragon Ball Super" opening theme for the new arc according to Comicbook. The opening shows Goku fighting some warriors from other Universe. By the end of the opening, he enters the Super Saiyan Blue state, but that soon changes and he is surrounded by energy which is a combination of red and black. Goku was then shown with a rather creepy smile and he changes back to his base form.

Some fans believe this is a new form of Super Saiyan. The threat of the best warriors from different universe might push Goku to level up his powers. His character tends to have some power boost every time it looks like he's about to lose or backed into a corner.

Meanwhile, other fans argue that the power shown in the opening is not something new but rather just the Kaio-ken state. Previously, Goku learned how to use the Kaio-ken while in Super Saiyan but it is very damaging. The form also looks different, instead of red and blue, his aura in the opening is red with subtle hints of black.

On the other hand, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama said he has some issues about Goku's portrayal as a hero. He said he is rather dissatisfied on how some viewers interpret him as a hero explaining that Goku fights because he only wants to go against strong opponents.

"Basically, Son Goku from Dragon Ball doesn't fight for the sake of others, but because he wants to fight against strong guys," Toriyama told Wired. True enough, in the new Universe Survival Saga arc of "Dragon Ball Super" started from his boredom and foolish whim to test the strength of other warriors from a different universe.

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