Fart Pill Could Do Wonders To Your Health

A discovery on the role of farts to our health have led Dr. Rui Wang to plan on making a "fart pill" which could do wonders such as help reduce blood pressure, eliminate bad breath, and cure erectile dysfunction. While large amounts of the gas can be dangerous, Dr. Wang believes that it can be harnessed to do wonders for people’s health in small quantities. “It’s a universal solution for many things,” he says.

He discovered the great potential of farts back in 2000 when he and his colleagues cloned an enzyme known as CSE in vascular smooth muscle cells, which then synthesize H2S, a gas found in farts, in our blood vessels. This gas, they found, dilated the vessels and lowered blood pressure. Subsequent experiments on mice prove that hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, plays a significant role in regulating blood pressure which Dr. Wang thinks could significantly affect our lives, The Globe and Mail reports.

If a proper H2S balance can be found, Dr. Wang believes that a fart pill will give humans the ability to live longer and healthier lives. “No one believed H2S was a real thing,” he says. “People just thought, ‘You fart – that’s a bad thing. Well, it’s not,” he adds laughing.

Dr. Wang explains the difference between the H2S people pass and the small amount produced in blood vessels. The gas that people let out is produced by bacterial gut, while the concentration produced by our own cells in the blood vessels can be 100 to 1,000 times higher than that.

According to the Red Orbit, another study have shown that the human body makes nitrogen monoxide (NO) in very low concentrations which affects cell behavior. Three American scientists won the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine when they revealed that the gas dilated blood vessels and helped regulate the immune system. Dr. Wang hopes to put the beneficial effect of these gases in a fart pill in the near future.

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