Huawei Honor 6X Won´t Get The Nougat Update In March

Recently, Chinese giant Huawei confirmed that its popular mobile device Honor 6X would get the Nougat update in March, which was a quite pleasant surprise for the brand´s fans, considering that this update will excel the smartphone´s quality, to the point in which it could increase its popularity. In short, everything seemed as a great move from the company, unfortunately, new reports suggest that the Nougat update might start to roll out later than expected.

The Delay Might Disappoint Huawei´s Fans

Apparently, the March timeframe is now for the review unit the company received it for testing, which means that there few chances that the Android 7.0 Nougat comes for the Honor 6X in March. Although this is not exactly one of those cases in which the brand is to blame, this would be a setback that could really disappoint a lot of customers that wanted this incredible update at the time it was previously announced.

The Nougat Update Might Be Available For The Honor 6X In June

In fact, the company assured that the Nougat update will be available for the Honor 6X in this year´s first half, but this mean that the update might not officially land until some point in June, a time in which the mobile device will have much more troubles to compete against its main competitors, considering that the Android 7.0 Nougat would represent a major boost for the Honor 6X.

Naturally, since this mobile device has a lot to offer in its current form, this won´t mean a tragedy for the company, given the fact that this is one of the greatest mid-range handsets you can get right, thanks to some incredible specs and features that are quite similar with those you can find in the greatest smartphones. But in any case, the upcoming weeks are going to be quite intense for those who want a more specific date of the Nougat update, considering that there will definitely be some pressure for Huawei, in order to confirm when it´s is going to be available for the Honor 6X.

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