‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 78 News And Updates: Omni King Announces Shocking News; Series Has Two New Directors

By Joseph St. James. , Feb 08, 2017 04:40 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" was released on Feb. 5 and it has made a lot of its fans happy. The show kicked off with the new Universal Survival Arc and its newest opening theme. But fans are not aware that the TV anime series is now being helmed by two new directors.

There Are Two New Directors Of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78

The new story arc of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78 is now being directed by Tatsuya Nagmine and Ryota Nakamura. Kohei Hatano who directed the third series of the long-running anime franchise has begged off from his duties. The two new directors are now focused on making the forthcoming episodes more exciting and thrilling to watch.

Episode 78 Will Feature The Tournament Of Power

Some "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78 spoilers seem to indicate that it will feature the much-awaited battle between the 12 universes. This battle is called "Tournament of Power." Episode 78 will feature Omni-King having a seat reserved for the first battle. He is expected to be merciless to those who lose their fight.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78, Son Goku will get what he asked from the Omni-King. He was the one who requested for some kind of inter-universe competition in martial arts. But he did not know that Vegeta will not be able to train him because of Bulma who is expecting a child.

As an alternative, Son Goku will try to convince Gohan to go with him. But Gohan also hesitates for some reasons. But there are indications that although Vegeta might not be able to join at the start, he might join Goku at the latter part of the competition, and may be Krillin as well.

The Tournament Of Power Has Dire Consequences To The Losers

These spoilers of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78 also seem to indicate that Omni-King is not attending the "Tournament of Power" just to witness the battles. He is there to punish the gods who will lose their fights. And his punishment is to wipe out their world. Naturally, all the gods participating in the battles will be mortified.

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