Volkswagen iBeetle Is Packed With iPhone 5 Integration

The iBeetle, the result of a collaboration between Apple and Volkswagen, was unveiled on Monday April 22 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The iBeetle, which will be released along with the iBeetle Cabriolet, will be available in early 2014. The vehicle features a high level of iPhone integration, of which the two main components are an iPhone docking station and an accompanying app.

The iPhone docking station rests above the vehicle's in-dash display and allows for navigation, media streaming and hands-free calling. The app, called Volkswagen Car Net The Beetle, allows access to Spotify along with seven separate drive modes, including Trainer, Postcard, Expert, Reader, Post, Photos and Milestone.

With Photo mode you can take a picture of the interior of your iBeetle and send it to your contacts. It also allows you to send your GPS coordinates, as does Postcard mode. The Milestone mode can be used when the iPhone is undocked and provides a number of milestones after you receive rewards for passing them.

As far as the exterior goes, Volkswagen tried to give the iBeetle as much of an "Apple look" as possible. In that same vein, the iBeetle comes in several iPhone-resembling color options. including platinum grey, candy white, black monochrome, reflex silver, deep black pearl effect and oryx white. Grey tones adorn the dash pad and interior accents, while black leather sport seats fill the interior.

Though the iPhone integration features aren't exactly on the scale we've been hoping to see in something like an "iCar" from Apple, it is nice to see Apple and Volkswagen partnering to head in that direction.

No mention of price for the iBeetle has been announced. Advanced sales for the vehicle are expected to begin in October 2013.

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