Naruto Shippuden 493 Spoilers: End Story For Shikamaru vs Gengo

Naruto Shippuden 493 is almost here which is why spoilers are already circulating. The upcoming episode, unlike the previous one, is going to be a jammed-pack fight. Shikamaru will finally face Gengo and he will try to take him down. But, it appears to be that the villain still has something under his sleeves.

Unfortunate It Is For Shikamaru As He Faces Gengo

In the last episode of the long-time running anime series, Shikamaru really had a tough time on the run from the villain. Even his comrades Ro and Soku have already fallen in Gengo's jutsu. The chapter also exposed that there are certain flowers around town that could build up on his weakness. This flower's scent is said to help the villain on mind control.

As the episode develops, Gengo's cronies brought Shikamaru to a room full of those brainwashing flowers. One thing led to another and the genius ninja run away through an air vent. However, Shikamaru chooses to go back and save his comrades, who are under Gengo's jitsu. As he tries waking Ro and Soku up, the latter hits him with his gun-like jutsu. It made him fall and on the verge of losing his consciousness.

Naruto Shippuden 493 Spoilers

At the end of that episode, Ino, Temari, and Choji arrived in Gengo's base to save Shikamaru as well. Thus, there are assumptions that finally, the four will finally corner the villain and make him surrender. But, it seems like the Gengo still has something in planned to crash our heroes.

In the preview of the next episode, Gengo told Shikamaru that he has already sent the "Enlightened Ones" to the countries that include Shinobi Alliance. He as well stated that they have already penetrated all the Hidden villages across the region. Whether it was true, Shikamaru's decision-making will positively be affected.The upcoming event will end the Shikamaru arc so fans should expect a dynamic live-action episode.

Aside from Shikamaru vs Gengo, Temari, Ino, and Choji will also be facing Sai, Ro, and Soku in their own confrontation. The episode might even end with a special moment for Temari and Shikamaru. This is because everyone knows they will end up marrying each other. Naruto Shippuden 493 will air Thursday, February 9. Make ends meet Shikamaru's arc, the Naruto-Hinata wedding story will begin in the 494th episode.

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