Ben Stiller Shares Journey On Getting To Know Refugees In Jordan

Famous and bankable actor/director Ben Stiller shares his experience in the journey he took to Jordan to meet the refugees who have escaped the bloodshed caused by ISIS. He enlists the importance in having the compassion to help over the fear of being insecure in one's own home.

Ben Stiller Visits A Refugee Camp In Jordan; Listens To Their Stories And Pleas

According to ABC News, last December, one of Hollywood's greatest names, Ben Stiller travelled to Jordan, an Azraq camp of refugees with about 35,000 people in it. They are currently in the place as they fled off from the scene of the most horrific deaths in history that is being controlled by the ISIS group. He shared about one of the families he has met, a couple with their two children. One of the kids had his eyes damaged from the bombing near their homes. The mother, has plead for mercy saying that they just wanted a chance to move forward and start their lives all over again as reported by TIME.

When refugees used to enter the United States, they go through a rigorous process with the FBI, Homeland Security and the like to ensure that no terrorists belonged to the group of refugees. However, Trump's order to ban the entry of refugees for 120 days and some people from Muslim countries have caused a great dismay. They allowed being inspected and checked on like they were actual terrorists just to prove that they're not and now, they are not even allowed to enter the country anymore to start a new life. When a judge from Seattle lifted Trump's ban, refugees were then again welcomed and had to go through the same process.

Stiller Believes Trump Adminsitration Should Address Refugee Cases And Not Judging Them For Coming From A Muslim Country

Trump was agitated at the decision, even called the ruler a "so-called judge," clearly implementing that he was in no position to lift the ban; even questioned his integrity and profession. Stiller is not the only actor to have shared with the sentiments of the refugees; and he claims that he doesn't want to criticize him but would expect him to address this issue with more professionalism and not just his interpretation of what Muslim countries are and the people that come from there.

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