Tesla CEO Hopes For Summer Launch In India

Elon Musk, CEO of the American vehicle company Tesla, posted an innocent tweet that garnered the attention of the car making industry. It seems like Tesla will be finally arriving to India in the summer of 2017. Some time in April 2016, there were hints that company will be launching in India. The CEO confirmed the plans as he briefly participates in a conversation with a Twitter user.

Ishan Goel's asked on Twitter, "Eagerly waiting for Tesla to launch in India. Any plans to do it? If so then When?" Elon Musk responded to the tweet with a curt, "Hoping for summer this year."

The company has already shown that it is interested in dipping its toes in the Indian market. The CEO previously revealed that he had intentions to enter the Indian market after the launch of Model 3 in the previous year. Musk was also noted to suggest putting up some sort of battery plant in India.

It could very well be in the company's favor to forge ahead in India as the country's automotive industry is worth a whopping $74 billion as of the moment. This is coming from the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM). The industry is also expected to achieve a turnover of $300 billion by the time 2026 arrives.

Tesla Model 3, which would start at $35,000 , or around Rs. 23 lakhs, has also been made available for pre-order in India. The CEO had previously confirmed that the future owners of the electric vehicle will be powered with a supercharger network that would be available nationwide.

However, the Model 3 has already been the subject of a lot of doubt, specifically regarding its aim to deliver 100,000 units in 2017. Tesla Motors reportedly had an ambitious goal of delivering about 80,000 of its vehicles in 2016. However, according to CEO Elon Musk, the company was not able to reach and was only able to deliver 76,230 units for the year.

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