Super Cute Penguins, Commando Dolphins And Other Secretly Deadly Creatures

The news is always full of cute critters, and iTech Post is no exception, but are these creatures also... deadly? Such is the question posed this week as we look at some of our most seemingly innocent animals.

1. Giant African Snail Threatens Australian Authorities, Gets Killed

So it's just a snail. No big deal, right? Wrong. This East African baddie found its way to the land down under and got immediately killed by local police. Why? Because these bad boys spread like wildfire and cause serious damage. "Big and slimy, the giant African snail is well-equipped to become an invasive species: they have voracious appetites, reproduce quickly, live a long time, and have no natural predators in Florida," the U.S. Department of Agriculture states.

2. Dolphin Commandos Escape: Three 'Marines' Have Escaped Their Ukrainian Handlers

Loose mine-searching, explosive-planting, diver-attacking dolphins. That's what we're dealing with here. Three of these aquatic warriors escaped from the Crimean port of Sevastopol on the Black Sea in early March. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry, meanwhile, denies that the dolphins have gone missing.

3. Sea Hares Beat Lobsters With Sticky Substance

You'd think a pink ball sitting at the bottom of the ocean would be pretty innocuous... or is it? Scientists have discovered that sea hares deflect attacks from belligerent lobsters with a white, sticky substance called opaline that clogs the attacker's sensory organs. Makes you reconsider that next scuba diving trip.

4. Carbon Dioxide Creates Giant Crabs: Yum? Or Dangerous?

Few things in life are more terrifying than a giant, monster crab and now those horrific creatures have come one step closer to reality with carbon dioxide causing crabs to become "more fearsome predators." Looks like Maryland is somewhere we'll be keeping our distance from.

5. Penguin Is Super Cute (Video)

Let's be honest, this little guy is way too cute. He's obviously got something to hide.

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