Windows 8.1 Start Button May Not Be What You Expect

Microsoft fans who were disappointed and annoyed at finding the Start button missing from Windows 8 will be pleased to learn that the Redmond-based company is looking to bring back the missing button in the next version of the OS, Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue, but not when they see how.

Microsoft, it seems, has given in to the demands of irate fans who did not upgrade to Windows 8 because of the missing Start button. With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft let go of the Start button, which caused displeasure among the OS' users. 

Now, according to The Verge, sources have let on that Microsoft is prepping to "revive" the traditional Start button.

However, reportedly, the iconic Start button would only act as a means to access the new Start Menu and will resemble the existing Windows flag in the Charm bar.

"Microsoft is preparing to revive the traditional Start button it killed with Windows 8. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that Windows 8.1 will include the return of the Start button. We understand that the button will act as a method to simply access the Start Screen, and will not include the traditional Start Menu. The button is said to look near-identical to the existing Windows flag used in the Charm bar," reports The Verge.

If this is the case, then Microsoft could well be in for another controversy. The familiarity with the Start button gives users the same experience on the desktop interface as when using Windows 7. However, adding the Start button just to access the Metro interface would defeat the purpose of the button altogether.

The revival of the Start button is allegedly not the only change Microsoft will purportedly implement in Windows Blue. Per The Verge, Microsoft will also "add an option to allow users to boot directly to the traditional desktop environment in future builds of the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade. Most internal builds of Windows 8.1 do not include the Start button or boot to desktop options, but Microsoft is said to be planning how to add these into the operating system."

Apart from these issues, users can also expect Internet Explorer 11 and smaller Live Tiles in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is widely expected to launch Windows 8.1 at its Build conference in June this year. 

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