Adidas Battles Trademark Rights Against Tesla, 'Model 3' Logo Subject Of Scrutiny

If you would say that you're not confused at all about the Tesla Model 3's three-bar logo being similar with Adidas' signature stripes, don't ever tell that to Adidas. The apparel giant has recently filed a challenge to prevent Tesla from registering its Model 3's logo as a trademark.

Adidas Taking Action Against Tesla's Model 3 Logo

According to Engadget, Adidas claims that it's similar enough to their three stripes logo that it's likely going to "cause confusion" and suggest that the two brands are connected. It's an insubstantial claim considering that most people would pretty much know that shoes and electric cars are different things.

However, it may not be much of an issue given Tesla's recent actions.

According to reports, Adidas recently filed a "notice of opposition" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, demanding that Tesla Motors Inc. should not use this logo from now and move forward.

"The three-stripe design, which is common to both of Applicant's Marks, so resembles Adidas' 3-Stripes Mark, as to be likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistakes, or to deceive as to the source, origin or sponsorship of Applicant's Goods," the recent filing reads.

Tesla's Response

According to HotNewsHipHop, numerous sources have reached out to Tesla, and a spokesperson notes that the Electronic Vehicle maker has quietly changed the logo to the numeric "3" a week ago, well before Adidas filed the said notice. While Tesla did withdraw its application for the old three-bar logo on February 7th, the company claims that this was strictly a Tesla branding decision and not a response to Adidas' trademark issue.

Adidas was asked for its take on the situation, but it looks like its objection was based more on principle than what Tesla is actually doing.

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