Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Guide: Weapons And Tips To Defeat Bosses

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard doesn't only promise locations and characters that will scare gamers out of their wits. It also arrives with never before seen challenges that are sometimes too difficult to face, especially when it comes to battle with every level's boss. To ultimately survive Resident Evil, players must overcome these or face dire situations and consequences. 

Here's a guide, according to Gamespot, when facing the different bosses Resident Evil 7 is meant to stress players with. Spoilers ahead.

Location: Guest House 1F -  Boss: Mia -  Weapon: Axe

How to Defeat: Mia is one of the first few bosses that will knock players down from the beginning...literally. She will throw the character around. The trick here is to make the most out of it. When thrown in the Guest Wall, the player should look for an axe. Use the axe and then circle around her, and then beating her would be a breeze. It wouldn't be the last time they'd be seeing her, though. Players shouldn't let go of the axe that easily though as they might need it for other obstacles in the game.

Location: Guest House Attic -  Boss: Mia -  Weapon: Gun

How to Defeat: Before heading to the attic, players should explore other rooms first for weapons. The weapon one particularly needs is a gun. Once face-to-face with Mia, one should aim for the head and avoid her charges. If the gun runs out of bullets, that's when the axe comes in the picture once again.

Location: Main House Garage -  Boss: Jack Baker -  Weapon: Car

How to Defeat: Well, the car as a weapon seemed like a give-away, but it's not that easy. The player will experience some heart-pumping action as Jack runs after the player. One needs to be quick to grab the keys, get in the car and run over him repeatedly.

Location: Main House Morgue -  Boss: Jack Baker -  Weapon: Gun, Chainsaw and a few kicks.

How to Defeat: Resident Evil 7 players will come face to face with Jack Baker once again. Tip: Beforehand, one should have 3 slots available. At the beginning, give a little gap between the boss and the character; then start shooting his head. Use the hanging corpses to by kicking them, temporarily putting off his actions. Then, when he grabs a chainsaw, another chainsaw will be revealed as well.

Location: Old House 1F -  Boss: Marguerite Baker -  Weapon: Gun.

How to Defeat: When the player drops into a hole when Marguerite throws them down the stairs, use the gun to send shots at her head. Once the flying insects start to add to the chaos, shoot the Burner to clear them out.

Location: Old House Greenhouse -  Boss: Marguerite Baker -  Weapon: Gun.

How to Defeat: Resident Evil 7 players need to be alert when on this boss fight. Once in the greenhouse, one must drop down to the lower level. But, watch out! This is when Marguerite attacks. To keep it simple: Just keep shooting at her abdomen!

Location: Testing Area -  Boss: Jack Baker -  Weapon: Gun.

How to Defeat: Much like the other times when the character uses a gun, they will have a special target. This time as Jack Baker turns into a giant mutant, the target is his eyeball. All eyeballs must be burst. Careful though, as some may be hidden.

Location: Guest House -  Boss: Eveline boss fight -  Weapon: Hands, Serum and Gun.

How to Defeat: When Eveline starts powering up her blast attack, the player will need to push her until he inject her with the serum. Next, when she tries and surfaces from the wall, shoot at her face. Objective: Have the character get thrown out of the building. Once outside, shots should be aimed at her face. When the player is dropped, a more powerful handgun appears that can ultimately finish her off.

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