‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Episode 13 Reveals Backstory Of Wild Dog

The title of the upcoming episode of "Arrow" Season 5 is "Spectre of the Gun." It will feature Rene's back story. He is also known as Wild Dog. This coming episode will also show City Hall being attacked by some evil force. Here are some spoilers for the upcoming episode.

Rene's Back Story Is Traumatic

"Arrow" season 5 episode 13 will take the viewers deep into the past of Rene. He is also known as the superhero Wild Dog. This episode will reveal why he came to be the present character he is. It will also reveal that he has suffered a traumatic past. This may be the reason why he acquired that name Wild Dog.

CW has recently released a short synopsis of "Arrow" season 5 episode 13. It revealed the story plot of the upcoming episode. According to this synopsis, City Hall is under heavy attack. This dangerous situation caused Rene to remember some painful memories in his past. He was reminded of his family's traumatic experiences that transformed him into the superhero Wild Dog.

Oliver Queen Will Catch The Culprit Not As Green Arrow But As The City Mayor

The synopsis of "Arrow" season 5 episode 13 also stated that Oliver Queen will run after the attacker. He will soon find out that the best way to catch the culprit is to act as the City Mayor and not as the Green Arrow. But it also says that there will be a surprise twist of events. It seems that a situation will crop up causing members of the Arrow team to disagree with each other. As to what induced their disagreements was not made clear in the synopsis.

This upcoming episode of "Arrow" Season 5 entitled "Spectre of the Gun" is scheduled to air on Feb. 15, 2017, at CW. A promo video will also be released by the networks prior to this date. Meanwhile, get a taste of the upcoming episode by watching the video below.

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