Alleged Video Of A UFO Drives Passenger Jet Away

Speculations about UFO existence has once again been revived after an alleged eyewitness at Lincoln has reported watching and videotaping what appeared to be an unknown object following a jet. The aircraft is then said to have maneuvered back, which gives the impression it was moved to avoid colliding with the strange object. In the video, the witness has explained that a black unidentified object - which experts say could also be a drone or even a bird - can be seen at the same time as the pilot appears to make a sharp movement.

UFO Drives Passenger Jet Away

In one of his statements reported by UFO News and Investigations, the eyewitness has claimed that he has been told that military pilots were currently training in the mountains around where he lives and that he has always enjoyed seeing them fly through. Additionally, the witness stated that seeing jets was a usual thing for him so the moment that he saw what he believes to be a UFO, he even did a double take, because there was something following it.

Another UFO Sighting

Furthermore, according to reports revealed by Daily Disruption, the witness was found to have immediately taken out his mobile phone just in time to take a video of the entire incident. People who have seen the video said that the clip reportedly lasted for ten seconds, which shows the mysterious flying object while approaching the jet. It was found that the witness had actually felt excited and at the same time anxious about the sighting.

As of the press time, the witness added that he has already reported the incident to the Mutual UFO Network. Ultimately, New Hampshire MUFON Field Investigator Breann Smith was said to be the one responsible for the investigation. Open Minds TV, who was also able to examine the video, said that the object definitely looked eerie.


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