'Code Black' Season 3 Cancelled? Season 2 Concludes With A Happy Ending

While fans are bracing for some major death, "Code Black" season 2 finale concluded with the happy ending. But the bad news is, there is still no official announcement for "Code Black" season 3. Some reports are speculating the series might be canceled.

"Code Black" season 2, episode 16 titled "Fallen Angels" featured the battle of Angels' Memorial against a deadly virus outbreak. The last few episodes were intense. With Heather's death, the death count rose to 15. Even Leanne did not escape the virus and some reports hint death of a major character owing from the ominous episode title.

In the finale, the doctors found a potential vaccine, however, it is too risky to test. Leanne volunteers herself to be the test subject but the vaccine wasn't any good. She started coughing blood. On the other hand, Ethan, Will, and Angus discovered a man with the antibodies for the vaccine and save everyone. They did a person-to-person blood transfusion because there is no time to process it to a vaccine. Everyone is in dire condition especially Leanne.

Great news! No one died. Instead, the finale showed some romance with Noa and Mario's liplock. However, fans can't truly rejoice without the renewal announcement for the next season. A cliffhanger may mean another season but a happy ending may mean otherwise. A report from International Business Times hinted the show might get canceled. However, there might be some hope because the announcement for season 2 was also quite late.

A separate report mentioned the delay of the renewal might be due to some new CBS shows including "Training Day." Another factor that could affect "Code Black" season 3 is the ratings. Even with the higher ratings in the last few episodes, "Code Black" season 2 experienced some decline. It has an average of 7.11 million viewers in the first season compared to 5.97 million viewers this season excluding the finale.

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