Heroes Of The Storm: In Depth Lucio Guide

Lucio, the hard partying support of "Overwatch", is already on its way in "Heroes of the Storm". Just like in "Overwatch", Lucio will be a support that passively increases the speed and heals his allies. However, this DJ already has new few tricks under his sleeves.


Lucio's passive skill is the Wall Ride. When Lucio is running next to a wall or structure, he will try to wallrides it, making his movement speed increased. It will also allow him to gain the ability to walk through other units.

This skill makes Lucio one of the best slippery supports if enemies try to corner him but the con is that he will not be able to ride a mount.

Another skill is the Soundwave. Using this skill, Lucio can knock back enemies inside a small cone in front of him which deals a pinch amount of damage to them. This ability is solely for pure disengage in "Heroes of the Storm" game.

Lucio also possesses the Crossover skill. By pressing W, Lúcio will swap between his two tracks. The green one, shown in the bottom left or through the aura around Lúcio, will increase his and teammate's movement speed, while the yellow one heals allies with a very very small amount of health. This skill does not cost any mana at all.

Lucio also features the Amp It Up skill. For a short period of time, the effects of Lucio's Crossover skill will greatly increase - the movement speed bonus that was received will give a higher boost, along with the healing aura becoming more efficient.

Lastly, Lucio's ultimate is called Sound Barrier and Reverse Amp. The most helpful ability that Lúcio can offer, Sound Barrier, is a skill straight from "Overwatch". Lucio will give his nearby teammates a large amount of shield that fades over time. Well, the skill does not have the range players would expect from the game "Overwatch", but it will still be a massive shield for all nearby teammates.

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