Selena Gomez Opens Up About 'Really Difficult Time' Before Rehab In '13 Reasons Why'

The difficult life of one of Hollywood's biggest stars yet, Selena Gomez has been no secret to the public. Now, she is currently executively producing a Netflix Original entitled "13 Reasons Why" that she claims hits close to her personal life.

Selena Gomez Executive Produces New Netflix Show Entitled "13 Reasons Why"

It can be recalled that Selena Gomez spent the last few months on hiatus from the public, spending three months away without anyone knowing officially where she was. Even though the singer has been open about wanting to fix herself after her meltdown, there is still so much that people don't know about what she has been through. Now, as her upcoming executive-produced show entitled "13 Reason Why" is about to premiere, she opens up about how she was able to relate to the storyline and how she has gone through the same things that the characters are going through.

Really Difficult Time Of Her Life Somehow Related To New Show; Gomez Says

"13 Reasons Why" is a story about a teenager who commits suicide but before doing so, sends tapes to 13 people who each played a role on her death. Gomez shared how she was able to connect and relate herself to such dark subject matter, admitting how she was going through such a difficult time while production was going on. She admitted how she stayed in a place where she got to hear stories about different kinds of people going through the same kind of darkness and depth of emotions. She admitted that growing up with her whole life exposed to the entire public has never been as easy as it looks.

She had to go through the same things that every teenager had to go through, but a little differently because she had adults in her life telling her what to become. She was struggling with herself and even more so when she is being told of the type of person she should be. Thus, this explains her hiatus and reliving her life somehow through "13 Reasons Why."

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