Three Reasons Why Samsung S3 Gear Is Still Better Than LG Watch Sport

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular nowadays as most of the big makers of smartphones are excited to launch their smartwatch due to their increasing demand in the market. Some most major smartphone makers have already released their smartwatches in the markets, they are more than willing to upgrade the variants. Here are three main reasons why the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is still better than the LG Watch Sport.

Design And Style

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is built of stainless steel, glass, and plastic with classic watch looks. While LG Watch Sport is also made of these materials. However, it is even bulkier than the Gear S3 and looks plain than the Gear S3.

Replaceable Bands

LG built the LTE antennas into the bands of the LG Watch Sport so the elastomer bands you buy are your only choice. While Samsung embeds everything into the body of the watch itself and gives you the ability to easily swap out the bands for standard ones smoothly available online. The Strap Studio bands, the price are reasonable and they are stylish.

Tracking Activity

The LG Watch Sport supports Google Fit and third party apps while the Samsung Gear S3 depends on S Health. The feature has a lot of improvements and S Health's automatic activity tracking is hard to beat on the Gear S3. In addition, Thre wide variety of third party apps and services are also supported on the Samsung Gear S3.

We can't deny that smartwatches will be the most trendy gadgets in upcoming future, it could even replace the smartphones in upcoming next 8 to 10 years. The LG Watch Sport adds in features we can see in the Apple Watch while the Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best Android smartwatches in the market.


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