Miracle Fruit Restores Cancer Patient's Appetite

A miracle fruit that helps cancer patient’s eat well. Cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy usually lose their appetite because their sense of taste is not working. This could possibly contribute to the recovery of cancer patients.

Monica Faison-Finch a cancer patient that lost her sense of taste after undergoing chemotherapy tried the miracle fruit before her meal. The result was promising, she felt like it, she was having her first meal. The Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum), is a red berry native to Ghana. It has been known for years that consumption of the tiny tropical fruit, which grows on a small emerald tree, affects the sense of taste. The Miracle Fruit is about the size of a Jelly Bean.

Scientists say the fruit binds the taste receptors on the tongue. Just by eating one miracle fruit could enhance the taste of the food cancer patients are about to eat. Homestead brothers Erik and Kris Tietig, donated thousands of dollars worth of miracle fruit to cancer patients at local hospitals. They are the owners of the Miracle Fruit Farm in Redland, Miami, United States. Also in charity organizations and research Universities since 1972.

As the miracle fruit goes popular. The demand of it increased, that’s when the brothers, built a separate farm to cultivate, sell and donate the fruit in larger quantities. The miracle fruit’s unique glycoprotein called miraculin that conceals undesirable flavors and intensifies the natural flavors of the food. One of the most common complaints of cancer patients is the strong metallic taste they experience after undergoing treatments.

The Miracle Fruit Farm was made in 2012. The farm has estimated 7,000 trees, which live in a greenhouse. With another 7,000 miracle fruit trees planted just last month. The farm is found in the Redland, Miami-Dade County’s agricultural district. The Tietigs wish that the exact location not to be revealed.

According to the Star 2, the miracle fruit is even seasoned all year round. Some of them are sold 50 cents to one dollar. However, most of the harvest goes to charity. In the last six months the two brothers even developed a miracle fruit tablet to prolong its shelf life.

According to the Star Advertiser, the miracle fruit is also found in the Hawaii. It is easy to be found along Oahu, but trying to grow one is difficult. It takes four years before a planted seed will grow fruits. They tend to grow very slowly.

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