Facebook Introduces New Groundbreaking AI Technology To Combat Racial Discrimination And Inequality

When faced with a challenge, the most likely move that a tech company does is to turn towards technology, at least that's what Facebook is doing. Following a global criticism that its ad approval process was failing to separate discriminatory ads, Facebook has revised and renewed its approach towards advertising, the social media company announced on Wednesday.

In addition to updating its policies about how advertisers will be able to use data to target users, the social media giant also plans to implement a high-tech solution, which is machine learning.

Facebook's Turn Towards Machine Learning

According to TheChristianScienceMonitor, artificial intelligence has, in recent years, have been climbing off the pages of science fiction and into countless aspects of the real world and everyday life. Facebook's new ad-approval algorithms are wading into greener territory as the company attempts to utilize machine learning to address, or at least not contribute to, any social discrimination.

"Machine learning has already been around for half a century at least but we're only recently starting to use it to make a social difference," Geoffrey Gordon, who is an associate professor in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said in a phone interview made by CDANews, "It is definitely going to become increasingly significant."

Other Tech Companies Are Following The Trend

Though analysts warned that machine learning does have its limits, such an approach can also carry tremendous potential for addressing these types of challenges. Having that in mind, more companies other than Facebook - particularly the ones in the technology sector - are likely to deploy similar techniques in the near future.

Facebook's change of strategy towards this technological advancement will definitely influence other companies to also incorporate AI technology into their arsenal. Facebook's move is only the beginning of AI advancement into people's everyday lives.

Only time will tell what would happen next.

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