Nintendo Switch May Provide Support For Wii U Controllers Post-Launch

Excitement for the release of the Nintendo Switch is at an all-time high as the console is set to come out in less than a month. News has it that the console may be providing support for Wii U controllers in the future, but how exactly does that benefit the Nintendo Switch?

According to the Bitbag, there are some Nintendo games that fully optimize the unique build of the Wii U's remote. Games like Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero made great use of the Wii U's unique controller, but some fans did think that the pad was "too gimmicky" and a lot of games opted not to use all of the provided elements.

In an interview with Time, Tatsumi Kimishima commented that the company was planning on giving the Nintendo Switch support for the Wii U remote, as the company might re-release some Wii U games for the console. Two versions of a game would be available - one "enhanced" version solely for the Nintendo Switch, and another "original" version which would require the use of the old Wii U remote.

With that in mind, it's very possible that the Nintendo Switch could very well provide support for other controllers like the first Wii or the original Gamecube controller. News has come out that old Gamecube games might be available for the Nintendo Switch, so the use of the original controller might be interesting for some gamers - then again, it still requires the use of cables.

A lot of excitement is building up for the Wii, and the console looks to feature a ton of amazing tech. Aside from the fact that the console can be docked to a TV and be a handheld platform, the controllers also feature motion control and sensitivity. That's a lot of tech that's sure to give the console some interesting games down the line.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated consoles of 2017, and it's set to come out this March 3.

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