'The OA' Season 2: Netflix Officially Announced Series Renewal; New Season To Discover The OA’s True History

Netflix's "The OA" has already gotten its green light for its season 2. Details though have been very limited as its release date and synopsis are still kept under the wraps. Theories though have it that events will pick up from OA's accident, and the story continues with the characters trying to find out the truth about the mysterious woman's real history.

Netflix just shared an obscure video announcement of the upcoming "The OA" part 2. The supernatural series is expected to come anytime soon which fans believe to drop this year. The only notable scene from the teaser of "The OA" was the figure of the golden gate bridge, flashed very briefly. Fans then were fast to theorize that the second part of the show will take San Francisco as its setting.

Many fans were reportedly surprised that the renewal of "The OA" will come as early as February as the first season of the show received a very modest rating. "The OA" season 1 consisted of 8 episodes consecutively broadcasted in a day on Netflix. It revolves around a supernatural mystery plot, a reason for Netflix followers to compare it to the streaming service's another original series, "Stranger Things." Due to the huge success of the latter, viewers were divided on their opinion, saying "The OA" falls far from "Stranger Things'" easily attractive plot.

"The OA" depicts the life of a woman named Prairie (Brit Marling) who has gone missing during her childhood. She was blind when he got lost, but after a couple of years, returns with her sight mysteriously restored. She returns with a mysterious mark on her back that is believed to be a sign of what she has gone through while she went missing.

Prairie came back calling herself The OA, and forms a group of people with whom she can share her story with, and help her return to her true self. Along with their search for answers, though, the mysteries that wrap The OA build doubts among her companions as to whether her stories are true or fabricated.

"The OA" season 1 ended with Prairie shot with a bullet on her chest. This follows the revelation of French about what he discovered about OA's life. He found a book that relates to OA's life story, hence assuming that she only fabricated everything. French then shares his discovery to the others when a shooter approached their location to shoot OA.

The network is still to drop details about "The OA" part 2's release, hence fans of the mystery drama may have to wait a little longer to see how the cliffhanger in season 1 gets an answer.

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