The 2015 NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 Becomes A Much Better Option After Nougat Update

The Shield Tablet, which was released in November of 2015 just got a good boost from Nvidia. The Android 7.0 Nougat gave the tablet tons of new features. Some of the features are also getting new improvements.

The Shield Tablet can now simultaneously run two apps during portrait mode or in landscape. A Quick Switch function is also available. What this does is to bring up the program that was most recently used just through tapping the Overview button twice. The Doze feature, which saves battery power has also been updated so that it still functions despite the Shield Tablet being moved around.

The tablet now boasts an improvement in notifications. Multiple notifications from the same app are now integrated to provide a more streamlined experience. Users can quickly reply to messages directly from within the notification. If the user feels annoyed, they can simply tap and hold on a notification to silence or block notifications from the app. For users who are looking for cute emoticons to decorate anything they type, brand new Unicode 9 emojis are also added in the mix.

When it comes to usability improvements, the display and font size have been tweaked so that they can now be separately adjustable to improve user readability or make the screen space much better. Quick Settings can now be customizable directly from the menu with just a tap of the "Edit" option and with just a swipe downward from the lock screen, users will be able to access the top Quick Settings tile. Settings will now include Navigation Menu & Suggestions. In the top right area, users can now find the "Clear all" option in Overview. A system wide improvement also has a New Data Saver that when turned on will be able to limit the user's access to Cellular data for background apps.

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