NASA Mars Rover: Where No Penis Has Gone Before

NASA's $800 million Curiosity rover is busy combing the desolate Mars landscape for any sign of organic carbon compounds, but that doesn't mean it can't take a little time off to draw a gigantic penis in the sand.   

In fairness to Curiosity, it's actually unclear which rover beamed back the photo of the Martian phallus — it could have been Spirit or Opportunity. The image first appeared on NASA's website, so it's probably legit. We'll likely never know, however, whether the penis is just a coincidence, or if someone at NASA has a really immature sense of humor.

The Sun reports that the distinctly penis-looking shape might have been created by the rover turning in tight circles in search of a new route.

The best part of any story like this is the Reddit comments, so without further ado:

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