NBA 2K17 News And Update: How Significant Is The Hustle Rebounder Badge?

In-game badges have been part of NBA 2K17's core gameplay features that players can collect after achieving particular feats in the game. These badges are not all visual as they can impact the players' game in certain ways. Considering its efficiency, several players are trying out these badges to know how effective they are in the game.

According to the report from The Bitbag, the people at NBA 2K Labs is trying to know if these badges are worth grinding or not. One of the test subjects of this study is the badge called Hustle Rebounder. Apparently, after several tests conducted, they concluded that the Hall of Fame variant of the said badge is worth acquiring as it considerably improves rebound rates in the game.

Based on the report, the team studied the difference between two rebounders with different rating on their Rebounding stat. Apparently, it was revealed that the rating does have an impact on the rebound success as the higher rated rebounder grabbed more than half of the shots.

Next, the team tried to know how the players perform having a Hall of Fame and Gold versions of Hustle Rebounder Badge. The test results show that the player having a Hall of Fame Badge is more effective than the ones with Gold ones as the former grabbed more than of the rebounds compared to the latter. As a result, acquiring the Hall of Fame version of the said badge is worthy for grinding.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the badge itself requires a lot of patience to be acquired. Normally, it takes players several hours to get the badge. However, with the right tips and tricks, it will not take that long.

Lastly, getting the Hall of Fame version of Hustle Rebounder Badge requires a total of 1200 rebounds, which is 800 defensive rebounds and 400 offensive rebounds. Meanwhile, the best way to get the most rebounds is staying under the basket for an easy catch whenever the shot misses.


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