Kevin Durant Returns To OKC For The First Time; Russell Westbrook More Than Ready

The former franchise player of Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant will make his return after his decision in joining the Golden State Warriors.

Kevin Durant’s Returns In OKC

Ever since the former MVP and multiple All-Star Kevin Durant jump shipped to another team, fans were looking forward to his return in OKC. There are a lot of questions that would be answered this Saturday night. Will he be booed out of the gym? Will Oklahoma City Thunder fans cheer for him? Will Russell Westbrook ignore him again like what he did in their first meeting?

This is a match made in heaven and it will be one for the ages. Remember when LeBron James went back to Cleveland the first time? There’s a huge possibility that Kevin Durant will be having the same reception. The majority of the fans thinks that Kevin Durant betrayed not only the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise but the people from Oklahoma in general. Fans are irate the way Durant left the city considering that they almost beat the Golden State Warriors last year.

Why Majority Of Fans Hate Durant Signing With The Warriors

In Durant’s defense, he is a free agent. Which basically means that he has the freedom to choose on what team he prefers to play to. The only problem is, he choose to join Oklahoma City Thunder’s rival, which is the Warriors. As Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, and other NBA Legends states, “Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird will never ever do what Durant did”. The old school legends believe that Kevin Durant is taking a shortcut towards the coveted championship.

Durant vs Westbrook

As for Russell Westbrook, he commented on Kevin Durant and his return. The front runner of this year's MVP stated that this won’t be like any other game. For those who are not yet informed, Russell Westbrook felt left out with huge responsibilities when Durant suddenly left. According to a report, Kevin Durant told OKC especially Russell Westbrook that he is not going anywhere and will get back at Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the rest is history.

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