Apple To Add An Iris Scanner To The iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is Apple's alleged anniversary iPhone headed for a 2017 release. It was said that since the iPhone is hitting its tenth anniversary this year, the company will be releasing a special iPhone to celebrate it. Accumulated reports beginning last year suggest that the anniversary iPhone could be called the iPhone 8, although of course, this can change depending on Apple's decision. Among the different things rumored about the iPhone 8 is the big possibility that it will carry premium features that will distinguish it from regular iPhones.

Apple iPhone 8 Premium Features

According to different sources, the iPhone 8 will be launched alongside two other iPhones. Apparently, Apple will release regular iPhones on top of the special one. However, it will only be the anniversary iPhone or the iPhone 8 who's sporting most of the extra features. Included in these speculated premium traits are all-glass body, ditched home button, wireless charging, OLED display and the most recently added speculation, the iris scanner.

Apparently, Apple wants to join in the "iris scanner" trend by allegedly adding the feature on the iPhone 8, as per Digi Times. The iris scanning technology that's speculated for the iPhone isn't exactly groundbreaking. In fact it is found in many other smartphones. Techno Buffalo says that the technology is even in Microsoft's Lumia phones from 2015. Nevertheless, Apple's integration of the iris scanner on the iPhone 8 would make the smartphone all the more premium.

Apple iPhone 8 To Be Over A Thousand Bucks

With all those premium rumored iPhone 8 features, it just makes sense that the said phone will be extravagantly priced as well. This brings back the recent report saying that the iPhone 8 could be the most expensive iPhone ever with a price that's a bit too far from what the past iPhones were tagged with upon launch. Nonetheless, the iPhone 8 is a special release so it's safe to assume that it will be the only iPhone that will go overboard in pricing.

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