New Sony 4K TVs To Feature Google Assistant, Futuristic TVs On Full Swing

Sony's latest upcoming 4K panels boast powerful processors that will improve the look of just about any video that you play onto the screen. However, the chips inside these high-end TVs don't stop at making movies looking better: Similar to giant Pixel phones, the TVs will (eventually) also have Google's voice-controlled Assistant built into them. According to Sony, the Google Assistant will be added to their new TV sets via a firmware update later this year.

The Sooner, The Better

According to Wired, millions of people are expected to finally decide that it's finally time to buy a 4K TV this year, and the numerous deals are very much enticing at every point of the pricing spectrum. Variety is also going to be a factor, as the industry's big brands attempt to solve different pieces of the picture-quality puzzle.

The Wide Field Of High-End TVs

Samsung is leaning towards the power of quantum dots, Vizio is all about value, and LG is officially team OLED. While Sony finally has an OLED TV of its own, the company strongly believes that its competitive advantage comes from two areas: Having a TV with the best image processing capability, as well as having a TV with a great voice recognition platform.

Google Will Be Sony's X-Factor

According to TechTimes, Sony's sets have already come with Android TV, but this year's models are going to be the first television sets that will come along with a Google Assistant on board. The sets won't always be listening for that "OK Google" cue, which means that you need to hit a button on the included remote for the Assistant to register your sound queries.

You can also opt towards using a Google Home speaker to communicate with the TV without even hitting a button. With that being said, if Sony's concept would be successful, it would ultimately be the future of all 4K TVs.

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