Fox Says 'Firefly' Reboot Can Happen If Joss Whedon Wants To

Fox has just let out that there is a possibility that the popular sci-fi series, “Firefly” will be brought back to life. The said network are open to the idea of rebooting the said television series over one condition. That condition is if Joss Whedon wants to do it, too.

Fox has revived “The X-Files” and even “Prison Break” and now fans are wondering if there is any chance the same thing can happen with “Firefly”. Even though “Firefly” was taken off its timeslot, the story was continued with “Serenity”, a film that was released in 2005. It was even expanded to comics and video games but that’s certainly not enough to satisfy the fans’ thirst for the series.

Fox actually has always been open to the idea of bringing back “Firefly” to the screen. David Madden, the broadcasting president of entertainment for Fox, revealed that the offer is open on the table as long as Joss Whedon takes it. Joss Whedon was the one who created “Firefly” television series.

The idea of “Firefly” being revived seems like it can happen soon since Fox would only need Whedon to get on board. But there is more to that since Madden himself has admitted that Whedon is currently busy making movies right now. Madden has emphasized that Fox does not want to make any new episodes for “Firefly” if Whedon doesn’t make them.

Then there are all the issues on rights wherein Whedon has brought to light a few years ago. Fox owned the TV series but Universal had rights to the movie, so that has to be settled, too. “Firefly” debuted in September 2002 and ran until December of the same year. The show was so popular that it was hailed the best sci-fi of the year, causing an uproar among millions of fans when the show was suddenly canceled after just one season of 14 episodes.

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