'DarkSider 3' Possible Release Date: What We Know So Far

After the long wait, finally, Darksiders fans are getting some information of the game's series. Almost four years have passed since the Darksider's previous installment was released. The only sequel of the game released prior to Darksiders 3 announcement was the remastered edition of the game Darksiders 2, resulting in the Darksiders fans out there to be really excited about any information they will get about the Darksiders 3 sequel.

Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition To Remastered Edition

The executive producer of the game, discussed some things about Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition stating that they (Nordic Games, the producers of Darksiders game) will absolutely do their best to find a possible way to realize the Darksiders 3 project. Also, the game's producer said that they have already used the remaster just to shed some light on the franchise and the community after such a really long break and are mapping out their new project.

The publisher of Darksiders game, Nordic Games, has acquired the remaining properties of the bankrupted company THQ, along with the title of the game "Darksiders". By having the rights of the game, Nordic Games released a remastered edition the "Darksiders 2: Remastered Edition" but it seems that the Nordic Games has a ton of surprises and plans for their games.

Nordic Games On Large-Scale Darksiders Project

Nordic Games also announced that one of their plans is to create a new installment of Darksiders in a stunning 1080 resolution, Nordic Games also stated that there will be a really large scale of a project for Darksiders but they also need to give some time and focus on their existing games. 

The publishers and producers of the game did not provide any information about the Darksiders 3 release date yet, so different rumors about the game were scattered in the internet world. Darksiders fans are hoping that the game can still make if for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one platform. Exact Information about the release of the game was not provided yet which made its fans a lot more excited.

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