Camila Cabello Of 'Fifth Harmony' Never Had A Boyfriend

"Fifth Harmony" is an all-American girl group formed during the famous TV Series, The X Factor US. The group includes Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello who has just announced her intent to launch a solo career last December 18, 2016.

Camila Cabello Announcer Her Solo Career

According to an interview made with Camila after she left Fifth Harmony, the young 19-year-old star feels ecstatic. "Fifth Harmony wasn't the maximum expression of me individually," the young star stated. She also declared that her fans would really get to know her better thru the music she writes. Camila also added that her main purpose is to be fearless and open up her soul.

Ex-Fifth Harmony Star On Being Single

During the interview with famous teen magazine Seventeen, Camila admitted that she has never had a boyfriend before. "Even though I'm 19, I've literally never had a long-term relationship," Camila stated. The star who have been linked to several stars such as Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan stated that she just considers them as her "friends". According to Camila, the songs that she actually writes about love are just products of her imagination and fantasies.

Camila Cabello who is also known to be close to pop star icon Taylor Swift also used the opportunity to address Taylor stating,"Taylor is always the person that I go to for boy advice." Camila also added that both her and Taylor considers themselves to be very emotional when it comes to love. She also added that like Swift, she loves to write songs about love.

Camila Cabello And The Man That Stole Her Heart - Ed Sheeran

During the interview, the ex-Fifth Harmony member admitted that she has always been a fan of the famous singer, Ed Sheeran. Camila stated that Sheeran is her musical crush and that she is fond of the star for he's just incredible in putting love and emotions into words. "He always talks about how he loves making songs from the heart, and that's something that I've pushed myself to do in my songwriting process, too," Camila stated.

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