Apple CEO Tim Cook: Augmented Reality Is A 'Core Technology'

Tim Cook, who is an industrial engineer and developer and Apple's seventh and current Chief Executive Officer, has expressed his side as to his desires and endeavor plans for an Augmented Reality, which he wanted to share with the people around the globe. The CEO is pushing the idea of Augment Reality (AR) in the future in every way where he sees a possibility that the technology would be more than just a feature but a "core technology".

Brilliant Idea On The Making

According to Fox Business, Cook has been traveling long flights to Europe in publicizing the AR, referring it as a similar idea and will have a major impact of a smartphone. Cook also made a recognition that AR can well blend with the human environment. Cook is a believer that Augmented Reality has an advanced ability than the Virtual Reality (VR), as it does not block-out other people.

Based on the reports, the technology company has been running a series of AR research with Cook's personal contribution while creating a heat against VR. There is a possibility that the company may have a new product development on the line or the CEO is just expanding his perspective in providing their iPhone with a new platform with AR, which is much more different from the usual, as per Mashable.

Augmented Reality Concept

There are several reports that the Apple Company may also highlight AR on its in-demand iPhone's camera in the future. In addition, it is said that the company is in the process of developing a glass product that can be worn that also includes the Augmented Reality concept, which they may also apply to their on and off car project. Meanwhile, Apple has made some new investments in technology and has added the firm that does development on Augmented Reality software, Metaio.


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