'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Episode 11: Michael Returns On The Show Despite Death

One of the saddest episodes for "Jane The Virgin" is the show's Episode 10, where Jane's husband Michael died during his test. With this, sources revealed that the upcoming episode will try to focus on what Jane tried to do after the event. Moreover, the series would advance for three years, and creators admitted that life wouldn't be exactly what Jane thought it would be.

'Jane The Virgin' Spoilers And News Update: What Happens To Jane After Michael Dies?

According to Movie News Guide, fans were in great distress when they witness Michael's death during a LSAT test. News revealed that viewers became really concern with what's happening with Jane after the incident. This is after updates admitted that Jane only knew of her husband's death through a call. The last episode ended up sadly as Jane breaks down and let the situation sink in.

However, creators of the show teased viewers with its new preview as it shows a three-year jump in the upcoming episode. Clips revealed that Mateo is already four years old while Jane swiftly dresses up for an event. With this, certain speculations were brought out online by different news publications and fans.

'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Episode 11: Is Michael Returning On The Show?

On the other hand, Michael could be back in the show for the fans. According to reports, Michael would not go back to reality but instead, they would show series of memories and flashbacks of the most-loved character. Jennie Urman, Executive Producer of the show, revealed that the character's appearance could bring so much sorrow for the fans as they already confirmed his death and that it would never be taken away.

"He'll definitely be back in flashbacks, but that's it. It's devastating. Whether it's in real-time or flashbacks, I can't say. But [Michael] is dead, I will say that."

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