How To Boost Sex Life On Valentine's Day, According To Science

Science suggests ways to make your sex life better on Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s day approach many couples are planning to have a romantic night with their lifetime partners. Scientists have gathered helpful information that may help you and your partner have a sexual satisfaction boost. This may apply on Valentine’s Day or better yet all year round.

In a 2015 study, science suggests that couples that practice split childcare duties have higher-quality relationships and sex life than couples in which all duties are relying on the mother. Women that do most of the duties including child care results in negative effects toward the couple’s sex life. On a scenario that men do all the duties and child care there is no negative effect on the relationship or the sex life. The study suggests that men would have a lot to gain and nothing to lose if they help out on the duties and responsibilities.

In the modern day, science suggests that sexting could help boost sex-life. In the 2015 study showed that being flirty with smartphones towards your lifetime partner might result to a better sex life. There was an online survey about it of 870 Americans. The survey found that three-quarters had sent sexy images to their partners. And linked sexting to be an effective way to boost sex life. Regardless of its infamous reputation it might boost the intimacy between partners.
In a previous study that science suggests that lack of sleep may affect the urge to have sex. To improve a woman’s desire to have sex is to let her get enough sleep. However oversleeping might have a negative effect toward sexual desires.

Science suggests that couples should not force it. Although others believe that the more sex you have, the more successful the relationship is, it is not. We cannot determine the success of the relationship with the number of times couples do sex. Doing it more often might actually make it feel like a chore and not a fun thing to do. In a study that required couples to double the time they normally would do sex in a week, decreased their happiness. The study found that the desire to have sex must be derived from each individuals own will to do so.

According to the CTV, there are times that partners wanted to please their partners, they tend to fake it. In a recent study also shows that faking it might end up letting the other partner know you are faking it. Couples’s do not need to fake it, the act is better to be real. Couples could discuss things that might help them in improving their sexual satisfactions.

According to the Mirror, aphrodisiac food might also help in boosting your sex-life, not just this Valentine’s day but all year round. Here is a list of food that might be helpful. The chocolates contain phenylethylamine that stimulates the nervous system. It also triggers the release of endorphins. Honey, rich in B vitamins, it boosts testosterone levels in the blood. It also contains boron, which is important for female desire. Figs, is previously known to be an arousing stimulant. Basil is also known to have an aphrodisiac effect. The avocado, its high levels of vitamin E could help keep the spark alive because of its role in maintaining youthful vigor and energy levels. Science suggest that the consumption of these food might also help in boosting sexual-life.

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