Learning Math Much Better With Movement

Many kids aren't too keen in learning math. Math could be a tedious process for most kids. A study shows that learning math for kids would be much better if done with movement.

A study shows that engaging children in math class could help them understand it better. By having children use their bodies in math class, they perform much better. This has been the findings of a study made by the University of Copenhagen's Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.

The study has looked at how different ways of teaching math to children might help children in learning math better. The study has shown that when children engage their bodies more, there have been improvements in learning. The study has also found that children learn better with individualized instructions.

Movement makes children learn better, as observed by head researcher Jacob Wienecke. He is an associate professor from the University of Copenhagen. The study has shown that lower intense physical activities can have much impact on how children learn. An earlier study has shown that children learn much when engaged in intense physical activities.

The study has shown that physical activity has been beneficial on kids while learning math. Scores have generally improved. Improvement has been has much as 7.6 percent, and tests have four more correct answers than the average.

Children who benefited most from physical activity are those who are average to highly developed abilities in math, according to the University of Copenhagen's site. Children who did not do well in math prior to the study did not see any advantage in it. Wienecke has said that individual instruction should also be considered, especially in children who are falling behind.

The research is focusing next on which areas of the brain are being used while physical activity is done while studying. A study would also be made on what the effects of movement are on other skills such as reading, as Science Daily reports. The study has shown that movement while learning math has much benefit for children.

Learning math would be more effective if movement is involved as well. Learning math is much better with movement, as a study has seen. Preschoolers are also found to learn better when taking naps.

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