Target Drops Hint Of Apple Pay Support

Target is one of the most popular retailers who has been holding out Apple Pay support. The giant company never actually let the Apple service down, they just seem to want to give more focus on their own in-app payment service. However, a recent tweet from Target has implied that the company may actually be considering supporting Apple Pay. The customer service post mentioned that the retailer is "working on" bringing the said technology to their stores.

Target To Support Apple Pay Soon

Nevertheless, as per 9to5mac, it's still unclear how informed Target's social media poster was. But if the tweet is indeed legit, it would bring in so much gain to Apple Pay. It's worth noting that Target has promised Apple Pay support a couple of years ago, saying that the technology is coming soon. However, it never materialized.

Hopefully, the not-so-formal tweet that Target's Twitter account posted is indeed backed up by the company. The best thing that can happen for Apple and Apple Pay fanatics is for Target to accept the said payment method in a conventional way. However, there's also a big chance that the retailer would only accept Apple Pay payments inside Target's own mobile app.

Apple Pay's Inability To Invade All Markets

The fact that competition exists, payment apps from smartphone companies may have a hard time invading every market. The issue that these companies face is that their competition problem doesn't only revolve around each other. These companies also need to compete with retailers and banking institutions. Take note that giant retailers like Walmart also develop mobile payment apps of their own. Banks are also capable of doing so.

With that said, smartphone-owned mobile payment apps would have a harder time getting to the masses once these banks and stores start holding them out. Just a couple of days ago, news came out about three Australian banks refusing to support Apple Pay. Considering that the said banks are three of the largest banks in the country, Apple Pay would find it difficult getting to more people. With that said, Apple Pay fans just need to wait and see if Apple will be able to talk things out with more retailers and financial institutions.

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