‘Stranger Things' Asks 'Game Of Thrones' Production Tips On How To Prevent Leaks

It has just been reported that the crew working on “Stranger Things” has sought the help of the “Game of Thrones” production crew. They went and asked for help regarding how to put a cap on the leaks that may potentially ruin the show for fans. Given that both shows have been successful so far, it does not mean they are immune from people spoiling the script for millions of fans anticipating the new seasons.

“Stranger Things” was another successful breakout series last year and to make sure that “Strangers Things” Season 2 is as better and successful, the crew working on the series are putting out measures to ensure that none of the stories gets leaked. One of the victims of leaking is popular show “Game of Thrones” but only very few has managed to spoil so little of any of the story of the seasons. One of the executive producers of “Stranger Things”, Shawn Levy has admitted that they had consulted with the producers of the said HBO series on how to fend off spoiler hunters.

Levy confessed that they did so because they did not have any security protocols during the making of “Stranger Things” Season 1 and now that they are off to the second season, they are applying extensive security protocol. He would have elaborated what these protocols are but he refused to do so because if he divulged what they were then people, especially those who would want spoilers, would crack the protocols. Levy said that the production team for “Stranger Things” Season 2 is protecting every story point and every page of every script.

Even his co-producer, Ross Duffer said that he had to throw away his sides and now they had to be burnt, referring to his daily shooting notes. Millie Bobby Brown, the young actress who portrays the role of Eleven, has even revealed that one of the protocols they have implemented now is the use of codenames. She revealed that the show and even the characters have their own codenames, which she finds weird but she understands that if any of the cast were to lose the script, according to her, they would be dead.

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