‘Resident Evil: Vendetta' Hits U.S. Cinemas This Summer; New Trailer Released

Sony has finally unveiled the trailer for the CG animated movie titled, “Resident Evil: Vendetta” and it stars the familiar characters from the franchise. The trailer reveals the story of the said animated movie as well as the release date. “Resident Evil: Vendetta” is slated to release in the United States this summer.

Though there is no certain date yet when in summer, fans can look forward to it to be surely released this year. “Resident Evil: Vendetta”, which is otherwise known as “Biohazard Vendetta” will premiere in theaters in Japan on May 27 this year. The said animated film is part of the “Resident Evil” franchise and takes place between the stories of the video games, “Resident Evil 6” and “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”.

Unlike the latest “Resident Evil” video game, this movie finally brings in the action that fans have grown fond of from the franchise. It brings back several characters from various “Resident Evil” installments, namely Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Leon Kennedy. These three team up to fight against a common evil, Glenn Arias, who is a vengeful merchant keen on unleashing a deadly virus known as the Trigger Virus onto New York City.

The first trailer of “Resident Evil: Vendetta” was released at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2016 and teased just some parts of the movie along with the new “Resident Evil” game. The latest trailer, which was just released, puts into light the main characters, the villains, and what the movie is going to be all about. The film is produced by Takashi Shimizu, who was behind the movie, “The Grudge” so expect haunting horror in the new film.

Though Capcom has intended to make this a reboot, they have stated that “Resident Evil: Vendetta” is actually a sequel in the franchise and it presents a new tone in the film. This refers to the more horrific experiences that are different from the old zombie-fighting days and a probable change in the story because of the new characters. Nevertheless, the movie still has the Umbrella in it and the old characters are still fighting for survival.

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